Sophie’s Paracosm

About me personally, I am an intensely creative person who suffers from depression disorder. I use fashion and Illustration as a way to communicate and express myself. Driven by emotional design, my ideas often come from my dreams and fantasies. The urge to find comfort and make things a little more bearable.

This collection manifested itself through my escapist tendencies leading to the birth of my alter ego. She has this fantastic world that only I share with her. Where we play dress-up and experiment with the sociological aspect of how we interacht with each other and how we dress. Putting the social subject of perception and being perceived up for questioning.

self portrait with alter ego

Fashion attracts us to repel us

-Jan Brand, the perfect woman

The ultimate story im trying to tell is about finding acceptance in pain. Through a collection of garments that are shaped in a surreal vision of my childhood. The part that I want to play as a designer is against the hinderen feeling of an authoritarian society.

Also the confrontation with the Corona Virus Pandemic has drastically changed our life. And the results are isolation, loneliness that manifests itself in skin hunger.

In this collection i hope to mix into the debate of freedom of expression and the mental state of mind.